Tory targets

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How is it good for Scotland for a party to commit to being anti-Tory, particularly if the Tories were to form the next UK Government? Even your enemies at times do things that you wish you had thought of, for example cutting North Sea oil taxes.

Why would a supposedly Scottish party not look at an issue that might benefit Scotland and feel able to support it? Oh, of course – because they are not really interested in Scotland’s best interests, only their own.

With the SNP looking likely to match the Tory 1955 election result in Scotland – when it won the numerical majority of the vote and when Scotland last had a government that it actually voted for – we should really be looking for representation that is in the best interest of our bit of the nation.

It’s sad to see such divisive politics and such extreme dogma dominating the agenda. More fool Labour, too, not to be ruling out working with such bitter and twisted views.

Ken Currie

Liberton Drive