Tories welcome in new Scotland

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AS A lifelong nationalist and member of the SNP I welcome the emergence of right-wing individuals and groups supporting a Yes vote (News, 22 December). A state is a matter of law, but a nation is a matter of loyalty. A healthy nation needs the loyalty of all sections of its population.

The issue in the referendum is “Should we have the power to choose our government?”. If we get a Yes the various parties will put forward their policies, and the voters will decide.

We want a Scotland where there are well-paid skilled jobs; and social security for those unable to work. That means we need successful Scottish-owned, Scottish-based firms to help train and to employ these skilled workers, and to pay their fair share of taxes, unlike the tax-evading multinationals who at present own most of UK business.

There is no contradiction between well-paid workers and successful employers. Indeed they need each other.

John Smart, Lossiemouth

Your editorial (“Yes camp can embrace Tories”, 22 December) is spot on.

What we are deciding in September is whether Scotland should become an indepen­dent country, not the political complexion of the first gov­ernment, which is a matter for the subsequent general ­election.

We are not voting for or against Alex Salmond, who will remain First Minister until 2016 whatever the referendum result.

A healthy democracy has strong parties of both right and left and Yes Scotland would be foolish to ignore this fact. As for Conservatives, they should realise that their best chance of becoming a significant political force again in Scotland is to embrace independence.

Ian McKee, Edinburgh