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Your editorial, “West has no option but to act over Syria” (22 August), is tendentious and misleading. You offer no shred of evidence in support of your opinion.

You write: “Do we really believe that the anti-Assad forces are sufficiently ruthless to attack their own people, with the loss of hundreds of lives, for a propaganda coup?”

Given the role of al-Qaeda, I suspect that should not be discounted. Anyway, if Assad did “capitulate” tomorrow, there would be more bloodshed and still no peace in sight.

Since, as you admit, we do not know what the result of intervention would be within Syria, I believe that, by not acting, Western leaders are showing more “courage” than yourselves .

What we do know for certain is that outside Syria any Western intervention would stoke yet more resentment against “the West” among a great many Muslims, especially the Shi’a.

That is not a price we should lightly pay

Antony Black

Emeritus Professor

School of Humanities

University of Dundee