This is my home

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David Roche (Letters, 17 July) appears to takes exception to people who were not born here being considered Scots.

Speaking as someone who has spent the last quarter of a century trying my best to make a home in Scotland and to play my part across different aspects of life here, I find his comments deeply depressing.

Fortunately, throughout my time in Scotland I have found the vast majority of the people of Scotland, whatever their background, to be big-hearted and open-minded.

Mr Roche apparently does not like J K Rowling being referred to as “a Scottish author”. It seems making your life in a place does not cut it for him.

He wonders how things would be if the hundreds of thousands of others like me who were born in England but have chosen to live here were 
excluded from a vote about the future of our country. He even goes so far as to talk of turning the tide of Anglification. I suspect Mr Roche will not understand why I find that offensive.

Yes, Mr Roche, during the big debate over Scotland’s future I have been told to go back to where I came from.

And yes, I have been told because of my accent I should not get to have a voice.

I get your message, Mr Roche. Loud and clear. But I am going nowhere. This is my home and I am proud to consider myself both Scottish and British, and do not believe you or anyone has the right to tell me otherwise.

Keith Howell

West Linton