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Douglas Turner’s tongue-in-cheek letter (30 July) does in reality make an excellent point: it is high time that MPs did raise issues that are of concern to their constituents.

I am delighted that Pete Wishart has said that SNP members will be doing that.

I’d therefore like this to be treated as an open letter to George Kerevan with my request to take up the following on my behalf at Westminster:

I ask him to campaign for a bill to enshrine that there will not be another referendum on independence for at least “a generation” (let’s say 20 years).

Also the bill should make it a law that any constituency that 
rejects independence stays within the Union and that every born Scot in the UK is given a vote next time.

Will Mr Kerevan do this? Was that a pig that just flew past my window? He won’t do it, Mr Turner, because this would give rise to “an intolerable burden to his personal advancement” (as well as being against the wishes of the 30 per cent or so of the East Lothian electorate who actually voted for him).

David K Allan


East Lothian

Douglas Turner knowingly avoids my real point about Pete Wishart’s claim, when participating in the latest round of trouble-making at Westminster, that he is only “raising the concerns of his constituents”.

This is of course a turn of phrase that allows him to selectively justify any action or U-turn based on the will of his most ardent followers.

If only Pete Wishart truly was concerned about representing the interests of all his constituents.

Instead, as we hear his almost daily rants in the media – is he really so angry about anything to do with the UK or is it just special training for SNP candidates that produces this effect? – you cannot but feel sorry for the majority of his constituents who have to put up with the manner in which he represents them.

Keith Howell

West Linton