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the Borders Railway may ­indeed appear “ill-fated” in some folks’ eyes (your report, 7 ­November). I, however, prefer to see the glass as more than half full.

Tuesday was a truly historic day in the modern history, not just of the railways in Scotland, but of Scotland itself.

The impetus for the ­re-instatement of the Borders Railway came primarily from local campaigners. The advent of a Scottish Parliament provided the political means by which their goal could be realised.

Few indeed are the occasions when grassroots campaigning has been so successful.

Much of what happens in any nation these days is driven from the top down.

The Borders ­Railway is a supreme and all too rare example of what the people and their parliament can achieve in a 
devolved Scotland.

Despite the admittedly inordinate amount of time it has taken to bring this project to the point of actual construction and the cost increases in part ­inevitably resulting from all this delay, let us lift our eyes to see this much more important ­bigger picture.

Tuesday was a day of which Scotland should be proud.

Lawrence Marshall

Capital Rail Action Group

King’s Road