The real bosses

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Government is actually powerless. The supreme masters are the bankers, who create our money supply from thin air, in any amount they may decide, to lend to whoever they wish, for any purpose whatsoever, and all as interest-bearing debt. No debt, no money supply.

Then come the monolithic corporations, including those who supply our essential 
services at the prices they dictate, and all for the profit of private shareholders.

And finally the inevitable EU, whose unelected commissioners keep our government informed of the endless regulations with which it must comply.

Politicians are merely commenting on matters beyond their control, and making promises they can’t keep. Inevitably they therefore all sound the same.

And as these real masters of power make themselves richer at our expense, and tell us what to do, we cling to the belief that a change of political colour can somehow make things better. Wishful thinking.

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross