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Before the SNP get completely carried away with themselves at the election result, let them reflect even just momentarily that they received 1.4 million votes against the 1.6 million votes they received for the Yes campaign just eight months ago.

It is only the preposterous voting system that gave them 56 Westminster MPs.

They also need to remember that those who voted No in the referendum and those who did not vote for them last Thursday most certainly did not vote for the SNP to get their spendthrift hands on the tax levers offered by full fiscal autonomy such as capital gains tax, inheritance tax and the like.

The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has clearly demonstrated the enormous black hole that would occur in Scotland’s finances with a gap close to £9 billion by 2020.

Again, any disagreement with our rulers is simply dismissed as wrong or perhaps we can change the plan by phasing it in!

If the Prime Minister calls the First Minister’s bluff and Scotland gets full fiscal autonomy it would be financially catastrophic and for the sake of all the people of Scotland I truly hope it does not happen. I cannot imagine the consequences of letting the likes of the new MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South aged 20 getting her hands on tax-raising powers.

It is now time for the SNP to concentrate on actual government, lowering class sizes, improving education so our children can read, write and add up, improving the NHS and doing the job they were elected to do eight years ago! Their record so far is shocking.

Richard Allison

Braehaed Loan