The heart is blind

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Douglas Turner praises those who voted with their hearts (Letters, 9 May), and says those who voted tactically have the result they deserve.

All of us vote with our hearts, and our feelings accord with what we can see. It is the job of the head to ensure our perception is as accurate as possible.

A new fact, or an old one seen differently, can reverse our opinion. When politicians say: “Give us power and we will lead you to the Promised Land,” it is the head that counters: “Aye, right! We’ve heard that one before. How can we know it’s true now?”

SNP hearts, Labour hearts, Green hearts – how can they feel so differently? It is all perception. The head alone offers hope of dispersing rhetorical fog, of undermining preconceptions, of unearthing the facts. Without it, the heart is blind.

George Byron

Comely Bank Avenue