The good life

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I don’t know whether it was deliberately planned or just an example of happy synchronicity, but it is fascinating that in Thursday’s Scotsman we are 
offered two lists of ideas for making life better in Scotland.

First, Phil Hanlon offers 11, as he describes them, idealistic suggestions, which are both thought-provoking and inspiring – and incidentally appropriate for individuals of any 
religious faith or none to follow.

George Kerevan’s ten-point plan – which, although based on socialist thinking, could also apply to any political party – is more pragmatic, as he admits, but interestingly it works really well with Phil’s.

The latter appears to set out the principles of a good life and the former the practices to achieve it. I can imagine both men would have a very creative meeting working out how to 
develop their ideas further.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these “rules for life” were adopted as a key principle by all those seeking Scottish independence?

If we could go even half way to putting them into practice in an independent Scotland, we would become a worldwide 
example of a humane and healthy society.

(Dr) Mary Brown

Dalvenie Road