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As A BT broadband customer and also a Sky television viewer of sport, I should have been elated when I read that BT will make it possible to view major football next year free by linking a computer to the television.

After briefly thinking how much money I might save in these difficult times, reality set in. There is no chance of this happening in Gifford in East Lothian, and, I am sure, in other places where the broadband service is so slow it crashes out regularly, leaving customers wondering why on earth they are paying BT at all for telephone and internet service.

Before the company invests money in challenging Sky, perhaps it should put its customers first and provide them with a telephone service that can enable internet access to be fast and dependable. The government boasts that is pumping millions into developing the internet and is proud to say it is getting faster all the time. Maybe that is factual in the big cities, but it is not true in parts of East Lothian, where time has stopped still for the last ten years in computer terms. Customers who pay for a broadband service deserve a fast and dependable internet connection no matter where they live.

Iain J McConnell


East Lothian