The 51st state

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S Beck (Letters, 28 November), no doubt with tongue in cheek, suggests that instead of fielding a Scottish rugby team, we should appear in a GB team (such a team, the British and Irish Lions, already exists), and we would be “better together” as we could bask in the warm glow of British success.

On his (and David Cameron’s) logic, we should apply to become the 51st state of the USA. What sporting, economic and military strength that would give us! Another great advantage of this is that we would no longer be expected to coat-tail on foreign wars. America’s wars would be our wars!

The Americans would have to accept the Queen as head of state, and she would take up residence in the White House. Buckingham Palace could then become a museum, just like the Palace of Holyroodhouse, at great savings to the taxpayer.

Colin McAllister

South Street
St Andrews