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Now that the government is actually going to honour its commitment to give tax-raising powers to the Scottish Parliament, we will start to see changes.

The SNP want these powers. Often, it is said that getting what you wish for can be to accept a poisoned chalice and that is what the SNP are doing.

Naturally, being a tax and spend party of the left wing, they think that is “progressive”. Actually, in this context “progressive” is an oxymoron.

Being progressive means giving people the opportunity to improve their lives proactively, through work and increased economic activity, not by taxing enterprise out of existence and living on benefits.

Instead, we will be left in the wake of an increasingly prosperous England, as we see businesses move south and Scottish services wither on the vine.

A party that has presided over the meltdown of education and of the NHS, which wants to end corroboration in law so that being imprisoned for offences you did not commit is simply a rubber stamp should not be entrusted with the economic future of Scotland.

To understand the mess we are soon to find ourselves in, we need only to look at France.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive