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The superb interrogation given by the committee of Westminster MPs to Amazon, Starbucks and Google over non-payment of corporation tax was a joy to watch. It is sad to reflect that no Scottish Parliament committee has the guts to do the same over the decision by the First Minister to give Amazon £10 million of Scottish taxpayers’ money.

Why on earth do we give 
taxpayers’ money to a company that doesn’t then pay corporation tax? Do MSPs not want to know? I do.

In addition, do all the jobs Amazon brings pay the living wage or do we, the taxpayer, further subsidise them with tax credits because it pays its staff so little?

The SNP now has a majority on every committee and will never ask difficult decisions of the SNP government – as we have now witnessed over the decision by the SNP-led committee on education over the college row.

The main question I would like the committees to ask is why is the main power the First Minister wants an independent Scotland to have is the power to cut the corporation tax of Amazon, Starbucks or Scottish Southern Energy that announced half-yearly profits of £400m?

With the SNP it seems there are less questions than answers.

Dave Cochrane

Spottiswoode Street