Taxed by Brian

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Why does Brian Wilson (Perspective, 20 February) insist on pointing out the obvious, and simultaneously, belittling a Scottish Government spokeswoman, ie that she is a taxpayer-funded civil servant?

Every politician and civil servant is taxpayer-funded, including Mr Wilson himself while in office. What the spokeswoman said was absolutely true, that “the recent report on child poverty in a resource-rich Scotland underlines the need for Scotland to have the economic powers to tackle poverty”.

Mr Wilson clearly finds it hard to accept that the Union does not, and never has, put Scotland’s interests at the forefront of its thinking.

Witness the report on the reduction of European cash to Scotland (20 February).

I wonder where that cash will be “redistributed”.

I didn’t have to think long to answer: London and the south-east of England, of course.

C Murphy

West Calder

West Lothian