Tax powers myth

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Your claim that “there appears to be a clear public appetite” for Holyrood to have greater tax-raising powers which “does not look to have been satisfied by the greater devolution that will come into force in a couple of years with the Scotland Act”, is not a reasonable assertion (Comment, 
20 April).

It requires people in Scotland to know that there is a new Scotland Act coming into force, when it is happening, and what it contains. Only if such widespread understanding could be shown to exist, could you reasonably speak about “a clear public appetite” for more devolution than this act delivers.

Yet, I venture to suggest that not one in ten people in Scotland is aware of the Scotland Act 2012. Even fewer could tell you when it comes into force or what it contains. And that includes me, without having to look it up.

Therefore, to claim that people want more of something that they do not know is already coming and of which they know nothing, is clearly not correct.

Alistair McConnachie

Bath Street