Tax amnesty

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The SNP has now passed a bill that Alex Salmond cynically decided should be enacted to stop the collection of outstanding poll tax debt. Meanwhile, in southern Europe, the Greeks are trying to avoid the austerity caused by their own profligacy. Both seem rather cavalier.

Many of us have seen the Greeks protesting loudly at the outrageous concept of paying tax. Goodness me, they say. Why should we pay tax?

Everything should be paid by someone else. A bit like Scottish property tax.

Now, the SNP is giving the Greeks a lead in this matter. Naturally, many millions of us who paid our poll tax will now be saying that the SNP should do the decent thing and refund us the money we paid from our hard-earned income. Fair’s fair, after all.

Perhaps they wish to reward those who break the law. If so, I will be asking the Inland Revenue and the government to make sure that none of my tax paid hereafter should be sent to the Scottish administration until it has made good the situation by refunding me.

Indeed, I wonder whether there will be a grassroots movement not to pay any tax.

After all, if the Scottish administration approves of law-breaking, it will be quite happy with that. Unless they are to be viewed as utter hypocrites, of course.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive