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Now that we are settling down to the concept of one-nation Britain, can something please be done about the campaign by the national broadcaster to impose the idiosyncrasies of upper-class speech from the south-east of England on the rest of Britain.

Their main problem seems to be with the sound of the first vowel, “a”. In words containing it they pronounce it as “ore”.

So that “awe”, “law”, “saw” ­become “ore”, “lore” and “sore”. And of course “saw it” becomes “sore rit”.

Nouns ending in “a” in that excruciating dialect are ended with the “er” sound. For instance “Canader”, “Indier”, “Obamer”, “Eboler” and so on.

Some years ago the same culprits spoke incessantly about “Laura Nawdah”, but after quite a bit of ridicule they again resorted to “law and order”, the same as the rest of Britain, so they can speak normally when they try.

How people in south-east England talk amongst themselves is up to them, but please, BBC, stop trying to impose their sloppy standards of speech on the rest of Britain.

Irvine Inglis