Taking offence

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Henry Philip (Letters, 14 Aug-ust) is offended to receive a leaflet setting out the benefits of independence produced at the expense of the taxpayer by the Scottish Government.

Either he did not receive the similar leaflet prepared by the UK government promoting the benefits of staying in the Union, or his stance is one of breathtaking hypocrisy.

Interestingly, the UK propaganda had to be posted to us at additional cost because the Better Together campaign lacks the volunteer infrastructure to deliver the leaflet by hand, as was the case with the leaflet supporting independence.

I know this because I’ve just finished delivering the “offending leaflet” to my area.

Mr Philip then goes on to say that “traditionally the British civil service has always stopped short of promoting party political causes”.

How then does he account for the 18 reports briefing against independence prepared by the Treasury and other government departments at the expense of the UK taxpayer?

Douglas Turner

Derby Street