Taken for a Ryder

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IN THESE severely straitened times, that the Scottish Government can justify sending a large entourage to the USA to attend the Ryder Cup at the cost of 
almost £500,000 borders on the obscene. It is an affront to those struggling to heat their homes and otherwise make ends meet.

However, it should come as no real surprise because it is 
absolutely typical of the Alice in Wonderland universe they inhabit. It may be justifiable for the First Minster plus a few 
senior aides to attend, but when it includes Mr Salmond’s wife (by the way, did the taxpayer pay for her travel and accommodation?) plus a coterie of 34 ­freeloading flunkies it is not, nor can ever be, justifiable.

If this is an example of the contempt that he and the rest of the SNP-controlled parliament obviously feels for the Scottish public, then should independence ever actually occur we can expect to see a great deal more of this outrageous profligacy…and the money wasted on wind turbines is another early 
example of this.

Brian Allan

Keith Street


Alloa, Clackmannanshire

Having been an International Volunteer at Medinah, I saw at first hand the impact the Glen­eagles Pavilion had on the Americans.

It was thronged all week and the fact that First Minister Alex Salmond was there to support the team was a massive boost. It certainly made a huge impact, going on the number and varied questions I was asked when my Saltire flag was spotted.

Liz MacColl

Victoria Road

North Berwick

WITH Scotland hosting the 2014 Ryder Cup, I think there was every reason to send a delegation to this year’s Ryder Cup in Chicago.

However, for the SNP government to send Uncle Tom Cobley and all to Chicago, with a bill 
approaching £500,000 for the taxpayer, does seem excessive.

This at a time when the NHS cannot afford drugs for the terminally ill and teachers have to supply the classroom basics from their own pockets.

There is a point where legitimate representation becomes a junket. I think Alex Salmond crossed that line.

Bob MacDougall


Kippen, Stirlingshire