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I SYMPATHISE with George Kerevan’s disappointment with the lack of passion in the Yes campaign (Perspective, 26 July), but he’s making the same fundamental mistake as the SNP.

In his open letter to First Minister Alex Salmond, Mr Kerevan tells us that people are asking “why are they not telling us how Scotland will be different?” and “why is Salmond treating us like children?” The answers are, respectively, “because no-one knows” and “because that’s how you’re behaving”.

The nature of an independent Scotland will depend, among other things, on the actions of a future Scottish Parliament. It will be for the new country and its new citizens (however old they are) to shape. If the “chattering and professional classes” are concerned, they should do something themselves, not expect to be spoon-fed by Nanny Salmond, whose views on the subject are not necessarily of great interest or relevance, whatever your views about independence.

Perhaps thinking of the experience of leaving the parental home might help: the self-
confident young person doesn’t ask Mummy and Daddy to tell her what to, but strides into uncertainty, ready for adventures and adversities, knowing there are no guarantees but believing that her own decisions will make a difference. George Kerevan believes that Mr Salmond has the duty to offer us a vision. Not so: we’re all equally responsible for that.

Andrew Anderson

Granton Road


I WAS deeply surprised that George Kerevan turned to such negative language in his open letter to Alex Salmond.

Attacking his opponents in such nasty terms was most unnecessary. Using words such as “petty”, “corrupt”, “insulting” is a the language of the playground and why so many people are turned off the pro-independence campaign. Mr Kerevan then attacks some UK politicians because they went to private school – yet Alex Salmond’s government has plenty of private school boys in it – Mssrs Yousaf, Ewing & Wheelhouse spring to mind. 

I urge the nationalist columnists to tone down their negativity for the good of the country they profess to care about.

M Smythe

Dalry Road