Swinney’s plans

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It is impossible not to admire the self-congratulatory nature of our finance secretary’s budget speech (your report, 5 February).

However, achieving a “more prosperous and fairer” society just has not resulted.

Helping out with NHS blockages and teacher shortages does not get rid of the basic strains on the health and education services; the longer-term problems remain.

The extra money found in these times of austerity is also a bit puzzling – are the allocations a real increase? Are other cost centres raided?

Whatever, the monies will be useful, but will reduce perceived inequality barely at all.

Let’s see set in motion the action to improve care in the community, to set up the early-years child development programme, to restore the cut back further education training courses which benefited youngsters most.

It is long past time the SNP parliament spelled out exactly what it wants us to understand when it talks about “inequality” – is the merger of the fee-paying schools with state schools intended, or at least opening up the privileged access to a wider entry?

Are the presumed rich going to have assets and income commandeered to be distributed to the needy?

Redistribution is a sure way to get a fairer society. Let’s hear the plans!

Joe Darby