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Our NHS is precious – precious to individuals, communities and the country at large. How a country treats its sick is often seen as a reflection on the country’s social justice.

In recent days, much is being made of the teething problems being experienced by the new South Glasgow University Hospital and the Scottish Government has correctly sent in the task force.

We also hear much regarding waiting times targets, issues that were raised during First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood on Friday.

Missed targets obviously make for interesting stories for the media, but how good would it be if we opened our paper and there was a section dedicated to those who have received excellent care and attention from our excellent NHS staff? They are the majority.

We have a good story to tell and our publicly owned NHS is a world-renowned service, a service cherished by all and we must start focusing on the positives for the good of our communities and the morale of the staff.

Catriona C Clark

Hawthorn Drive