Stand again, Alex

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HAVING seen the leaders of the three main Westminster parties, listened to what their conference delegates contributed to their debates and heard reports from their party committees, I am sorry for English, Welsh and Irish voters.

If I were a member of the SNP and had the right to elect a new leader, I wouldn’t vote for Nicola Sturgeon. I would be begging Alex Salmond to stand for re-election.

He has been subjected to a relentless and slanderous campaign since the SNP took power two elections ago.

After the No vote, he offered his resignation, no doubt hoping the venom directed at his party and those who want independence would end. If it does it will be because the Unionists believe getting rid of one of the most able politicians in Britain has weakened both the independence movement and the SNP. 

Don’t go, Alex. Scotland needs you. If any UK party had a leader of your calibre, they’d be ecstatic. But they don’t and have to make do with Miliband, Clegg, Cameron and Farage: the feckless four.

Lovina Roe 

Glasgow Road