Sport kerfuffle

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THERE is always kerfuffle with sport. Currently there are corruption allegations against Fifa as though corruption has never before existed in sport.

There is also the allegation that long time ago Olympic gold medal winner Alan Wells used performance-enhancing drugs.

Then to a principal summer sport – tennis, and a French Open commentator mentioned Rafael Nadal having requested that his matches not be umpired by a particular official.

To my surprise I found in checking out this umpire veto request that there is a history of this, though most are due to umpiring mistakes during matches.

Andy Murray was subject to time violations in the French Open and lost a point for this.

As a TV tennis spectator I now tend to count to 20 when I see a player about to serve and I 
can think of several who habitually edge the time precipice, so 
to speak – probably even fall over it.

And, unlike the TV commentators, I am unimpressed by the slow-moving and cumbersome movements of Serena Williams, who treats almost every point she loses as her failure rather than her opponent’s success, and shows it.

And when she loses a succession of points said commentators are quick to inform us as to her having some ailment or other.

I don’t think the over-presence of TV sports commentators has contributed much to the enjoyment of watching sport on TV.

They are not only over-present, but over-paid, over-the-top, and perhaps it is time their part, in what is after all mainly a spectacle, was over.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive