Splitting up

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Andrew HN Gray (Letters, 16 February) refers to the Chinese term “splittism” for possible use in relation to Scotland.

So far as I know, the term is used mainly to describe any thought or action which may be thought to encourage Tibetans to consider themselves distinct from the Chinese. While the UK establishment accepted Chinese occupation of Tibet in the 1950s, many Scots (and a lot of English people) felt and still feel sympathy for the Tibetans.

He also mentioned the Afrikaans word “apartheid”, favoured by a former South African regime.

The word sounds in English like “apart-hate”. The independence advocated by the SNP emphasises friendship with our neighbours and worldwide.

Those who wish a No vote in the coming referendum are emphasising all the imaginable dangers of independence.

Arguably, the dangers of 
continued Union are greater, including being taken into unwanted wars and having limited cash resources spent on nuclear weapons.

David Stevenson

Blacket Place