Sovereignty is an honourable goal

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IN HIS letters to Scotland on Sunday, Alexander McKay has form regarding wishful thinking. On 9 June, 2013, he asserted that “99.5 per cent of Scots in 1707 knew little and cared less [about the prospect of Union]”. As I pointed out at the time, a modicum of research would have shown Mr McKay that in 1707 there was nationwide rioting against the Union.

Then on 25 August, 2013, he predicted a crushing defeat for the Yes camp in the referendum because “the vast majority… want [Scotland] to remain part of the UK”. Admittedly, two-thirds (for the No campaign) amounted to a commanding lead, but hardly a “vast majority”.

On 16 November, 2014, he stated “the actual message they [the SNP] are trying to sell is anathema to the vast majority of Scots”. If Mr McKay really thinks that the 55 per cent who voted No in the referendum constitutes a “vast majority”, I can only conclude he is suffering from delusions.

As for the SNP’s “message”: the recovery of our sovereignty (which, arguably, should never have been signed away in the first place) is surely an entirely honourable (and natural) goal for a self-respecting nation to strive for.

Ron Laidlaw, Dunbar