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Harry D Watson (Letters, 26 March) defends teachers partly “as any effective sanction” for disruptive behaviour is lacking.

But that is largely because they or their predecessors supported the Society of Teachers Opposed To Physical Punishment without putting anything effective in its place. Shona Cochrane, a teacher, proposes “skilling” our pupils (Letters, 26 March). In my dictionary, “skill” is only a noun, not also a verb.

Bob Macdougall says politicians turned a blind eye to universities’ and employers’ pleas about school-leavers’ lack of basic numeracy and literacy.

Surely the school teachers, not politicians, are responsible.

If we expect politicians to do everything for us, no wonder we end up with the ludicrous situation of our First Minister and his Deputy apologising in parliament for the lack of blankets in a hospital.

John Birkett

Horseleys Park

St Andrews

Further to Shona Cochrane’s letter, are we now to expect Scottish schools to offer Certificate courses in “Learning Skills”?

David M Wilkie

Gordon Street