Soaring costs

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DEPUTY First Minister Nicola Sturgeon promises to reduce electricity bills by 5 per cent if we say Yes next September (your report, 19 October).

Currently, every household in the UK is taxed an extra 
£72 a year through paying the renewables obligation, a figure that will rise substantially as political ambition seeks to generate the most expensive electricity worldwide.

However, Ms Sturgeon forgets that two-thirds of turbines are located in Scotland. With independence, the Scottish population – less than 10 per cent of the UK – will be solely liable for all legal contracts with landowners and companies in Scotland for at least another 25 years. What is currently £72 now becomes £480 a year if the SNP gets its way.

If Alex Salmond’s ambition to erect the generating equivalent of 100 per cent renewables continues in an independent Scotland, then this bill will end up in the thousands. 

Prof Tony Trewavas

Scientific Alliance Scotland

North St David Street