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Far from wanting to brush out of the picture the SNP’s decision to break the electoral truce respected by other political parties while we were fighting Hitler, I hope it will publicise it widely in the run-up to the referendum.

The party’s pride in this is something all voters should know about.

If Gerry Hassan cares to re-read my recent letters, he will discover that what I objected to was 
VisitScotland listing in its timeline of Scottish history the by-election victory in 1945 of Dr Robert McIntyre when it did not see fit to include the general election of that year, or anything at all about the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.

As for the Scottish Parliament, he somehow fails to remember that it came into being after years of work in the Scottish Constitutional Convention, in which the SNP played no part whatsoever. Then there’s the hoary argument that Labour believes it has a divine right to rule. If we have, we have a funny way of showing it. Check the voting systems for the Scottish Parliament and our local authorities.

Last, Mr Hassan wants respect for Alex Salmond. I might disrespect our First Minister less if he respected the truth more.


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