SNP’s prospects

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The SNP’s efforts to recruit support for independence had Nicola Sturgeon recently pleading with Labour voters to vote Yes. Historically, what other political party has relentlessly slated the opposition, but then attempted to publicly recruit its supporters? The SNP is predominately a single-issue party. A vote for independence is a vote for the SNP, for it is the only mainstream party pursuing the break-up of the UK. To vote Yes – no matter the reason – conclusively demonstrates further support for the SNP. The only way to ensure this party ceases to have any power is to vote No. And when it loses the independence referendum, we can hope to see an end to its over-centralisation of public services, its misguided and socially, economically, and environmentally destructive energy policy, and its generally hypocritical efforts at creating a more equal Scotland. Vote Yes, and we will be stuck with this lot for decades to come. And that is a damning prospect.

Denise Davis