SNP record

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Yet again (your report, 1 August), we see news of the SNP’s failures in government, in this case the ambulance service under pressure, the Scottish welfare fund not helping the people most in need and finance secretary John Swinney’s reheated PFI being found out.

If Labour still ran Holyrood, no doubt the SNP would be crying crisis and calling for resignations. The current First Minister, however, only sees fit to comment on a non-existent second independence referendum.

What is most concerning is that it appears as if half the voters in Scotland appear either to not know or not care about the SNP’s record in government and are prepared to re-elect them.

The SNP machine puts all its effort into propaganda intended to destroy opposition and dissent and convince voters that issues which have little impact on their lives like the renewal of Trident matter more than day-to-day issues like the critical lack of GPs in the country.

Can SNP politicians and supporters start to tell voters why they should get a third go at running the country based on their own record and without mentioning referendums, Westminster or what Labour did or did not do in the past?

(Dr) SJ Clark

Easter Road