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I think we can safely say how the expert think-tank’s pessimistic projection on oil revenues for a separated Scotland (your report, 20 December) will be treated by Alex Salmond and the SNP.

It will be treated in much the same way as the opinion of JoséManuel Barroso, aided by his 
expert EU lawyers, was treated; as Bank of England expert opinion was treated; as Nato expert views were treated; the list is 
virtually endless.

All considered views by 
independent experts will be 
dismissed out of hand and the people of this country will 
instead get another assertion or two from Alex Salmond or 
Nicola Sturgeon to fill the 
credibility gap.

Surely the people of this country cannot be fooled any more. Anyone voting for the break-up of the UK in 2014 is perfectly ­entitled to do so.

But to ignore the barrage of informed opinion mounting by the day would be close to criminal neglect of the future of this country.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg