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While First Minister Alex Salmond was busily engaged in redefining the meaning of the word “appropriate” (your report, 13 June), a meeting of the European and ­external affairs committee was taking place.

This committee has already been heavily criticised for its conduct in producing a report on an independent Scotland’s potential entry to the European Union.

The final report clearly shows that “evidence” was added to the draft report prepared by clerks. The changes were forced through – “agreed by division” – by the SNP majority ­membership.

It is also alleged that expert evidence was removed from the draft. On this occasion (your report, 13 June) the committee was taking evidence from experts on various topics.

On the question of division of assets and institutions Adam Tomkins, professor of international law at Glasgow, stated that the white paper was wrong in claiming Scotland would have a share of the UK’s 267 embassies, high commissions and consulates.

These would, under international law, continue to form the diplomatic mission of the remainder of the UK (rUK) and Scotland would have no legal claim to a “fair share” of them.

He was challenged by the SNP’s Willie Coffey who misunderstood or misrepresented the professor’s statements. In attempting to restate his evidence, Prof Tomkins was cut off by the convener on the grounds that his evidence was becoming “contentious”!

In other words, his expert opinion was suppressed because the non-expert SNP convener of the committee didn’t like what she was hearing.

The wonders of technology enable us to view this on YouTube. It should be prescribed viewing for those who wish to see how “democracy” works under an SNP government.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue