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I am grateful to Thomas Burgess (Letters, 20 November) for pointing out the errors in my earlier letter in relation to changes in SNP policy.

I had remembered Alex Salmond in the early 1990s championing such policies as independence in Europe and assumed – wrongly – that it was he and not, surprisingly, Jim Sillars who had initiated the change.

Mr Burgess’s considered response is unfortunately let down by the tired and unjustified allegation that anyone who doesn’t support independence is anti-Scottish – time for a change of tune on that one.

A change that is to be very much welcomed was signalled by Nicola Sturgeon at her initial First Minister’s Questions. Unlike her predecessor, she is to adopt a listening and consensual approach.

How refreshing it will be if only she were to ensure that the answers bear some relation to the questions. It was an impressive start and I applaud her 

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue