Smokers should respect children

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I AM concerned by the sentiments set out in Robert Dow’s letter (6 October) and his 
refusal to countenance even the smallest inconvenience for smokers while rejecting out of hand the wishes and interests of children.

Ash Scotland has published an opinion poll showing the majority of people in Scotland support keeping smoking out of children’s play areas. We also know, from those occasions where researchers actually ask children for their views, that children want to live their lives without being affected by tobacco smoke.

In deciding whether or not smoking should be allowed in children’s play parks we have to make a choice. Should we override children’s clearly stated wishes and force them to accept smoking in the small number of areas which are truly theirs? Or do we say that if adults choose to smoke they should wait a while, or move along a little, so as not to do so in children’s space?

The clear result from 
our poll is that most people understand that to do the 
latter is not to attack smokers, it is to show respect and consideration for children.

Sheila Duffy, chief executive, 
Ash Scotland