Skewed timeline

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Ian Bayne (Letters, 29 June) misses my point. What I asked, and am still waiting for an answer to, is if SNP MP Dr McIntyre is considered worthy of inclusion in VisitScotland’s timeline of Scottish history, then why were David Hume and Adam Smith left out?

Perhaps Mr Bayne might be persuaded to admit that their fame has travelled somewhat further than Dr McIntyre’s.

If we accept VisitScotland’s explanation of how it compiled the timeline, it was not a 
political decision, but one 
made as a result of consulting other, unspecified websites and books.

So, either it failed to spot that these sources did not include Scotland’s huge contribution to the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, or they were included, but VisitScotland judged such achievements not to be “colourful” enough, and not a sufficient contribution to our heritage.

So, let’s get the Harry Lauder records out of the attic, and bring back the White Heather Club to help dumb to down Scottish history even further.

We live in strange times when Nationalists (who might reasonably be expected to care more than anybody) defend such a skewed timeline, and cannot 
be relied on to tell our 
nation’s story with accuracy and respect.

Maria Fyfe

Ascot Avenue