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Robert Veitch (Letters, 2 Septmber) is not correct in stating that the “world’s most successful economies are the largest countries around”. Quite the opposite, if you consider GDB per head, which is indicative of the well being available to individuals if evenly shared out.

The list, in order, provided by the International Monetary Fund, is: Qatar, Luxembourg, Singapore, Brunei, Kuwait, Norway, United Arab Emirates, San Marino, Switzerland. The United States, at tenth is the first big country.

Then come Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, followed by Ireland at 13th, notable, like Switzerland, above at ninth in having no oil. These are followed by the Netherlands, Australia, Austria and Sweden. At 18th Germany is the next big country, Denmark 21st, the United Kingdom 27th.

I conclude from these figures that the world’s most successful economies are small countries, especially small northern European countries or those with oil. Norway, at sixth, combines both of these advantages.

Robert Veitch compares Scotland to North Korea or Zimbabwe. I have never been there but I have been to Norway, Denmark, Austria last week, and have lived in Switzerland. These are countries much more similar to Scotland and all “small” and richer than the UK.

George Shering

West Acres Drive