Senseless attack

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Once again from a Nationalist correspondent (Letters, 19 Dec­ember) we witness the play-the- man-not-the-ball philosophy of the SNP.

The senseless and personal att­ack on Jim Murphy’s character is unfortunately typical. Not a mention of any policy Mr Murphy proposes, simply a very unpleasant personal attack on the man himself. As well, he fails to answer the original writer’s points.

The letter once again raises the suspicion that many in the SNP, in the same way as nationalist parties elsewhere, would 
prefer a one-party state, where daring to hold an opposing opinion is an offence.

The impression is given that those opposing Nationalist dogma should be vilified and castigated as a matter of course.

This kind of letter should make us more grateful than ever that the people of Scotland rejected Nationalism on 18 

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg