Selfish celebs

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Your article, “Scots oil firm drops plans to explore Spanish waters after protest by stars” (5 June), succinctly displays the self-protectionism of “The West” more than many others that I have read recently.

Party-loving celebs, including Paris Hilton and Kate Moss, have forced Scots oil giant Cairn Energy into a rethink after their plans to drill for oil off the Spanish coast have been scuppered due to a high-profile campaign also involving Fat Boy Slim, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and the serial protestor Jade Jagger.

It seems that the party crowd don’t want dead birds washing up on the beaches of Ibiza as they glug their Krug and watch the sunset in San Antonio.

Cairn Energy bowed to the pressure and has terminated its exploration licenses, preferring instead to plunder the natural resources of Senegal, where presumably they have no celebrities. Party on, people!

David Cruickshanks

Weavers Crescent