Seeing both sides

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I SEE that there is a growing call for armed intervention against the jihadist ISIS in Iraq. United States president Barack Obama has already sent in bombers. 

When hundreds, if not thousands, of civilians, are inevitably killed in the ensuing conflict will the West castigate itself for its lack of proportion? Will our news media print front-page photographs from the schools and hospitals caught up in the conflict and run multi-page spreads condemning such “atrocities”? Will the BBC, Sky, CNN and Jon Snow at Channel 4 berate the US nightly and demand immediate cessation of American actions? Will United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon and its Human Rights Council condemn the US for its disproportionate response? Will shows at the Edinburgh festivals that have taken even a dime from American arts organisations now be banned? Now you know how Jews and Israel feel.

Elliot Davis

The Countryhouse