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The exasperation of the committee members was evident during the discussions on the lack of progress made by the Film Studio Delivery Group (FSDG) on Wednesday after 20 months of repeated consultation and hand-wringing (your report, 29 January). The General Block Exemption Regulation in respect of aid for film studio infrastructure is clear, but there is opportunity in Scotland to deliver a more ambitious proposal than a stand-alone film studio.

How about a screen production facility framed around film, television, animation, digital, innovation, education and job creation? Have these options been fully explored under state aid rules?

There are models by which this could be developed, operationally and financially, but require engagement with organisations like Film City Glasgow. Instead, the FSDG has to deliver a very one-dimensional solution that, ironically, is restricted by European law.

Manchester has delivered a cluster for creative and digital talent with The Space Project, providing five stages and ancillary space, with more than £20 million of European and local authority funds invested.

We are not advocating a carbon copy of such a facility, but for the FSDG and the government to recognise that leadership, innovative thought and political will are key in creating an industry and the according infrastructure in Scotland.

Film City Glasgow makes no apology for its ambition to be part of this process, and calls on the government to recognise the requirement for the FSDG has now expired, but we can work together to deliver a 21st-century facility for Scotland.

Tiernan Kelly


Film City Glasgow