Scottish crash

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Allan Hinnrichs (Letters, 17 July) says we were warned about the consequences of a No vote.

His main warning was that it would lead to “rapacious Tory rule” and then goes on to list Tory proposals that he does not support, including Budget measures and strike laws.

He is quite entitled to do this. However, after giving the Labour Party a kicking, he goes on to foresee the future and tell us the Scotland will be “ripped from the EU against her will” and that there will be a “Greek-style economic crash” because we voted No.

If Mr Hinnrichs is allowed to postulate the future then it is only fair for me to do so on the outcome of a Yes vote last September.

He would have had to accept that we had been sold a pup by the SNP and its now notorious white paper Scotland’s Future: oil tax revenues would be practically nil, we would not be sharing the pound in any way other than as Panama uses the US dollar, we would have no control over our interest rate, companies would be preparing to leave Scotland, we would be “ripped out of the EU” and have to begin the long process of reapplying, with no guarantees (if successful we would have to adopt the euro) and, critically, we would be staring down the barrel of a £7.6 billion black hole.

I suggest to Mr Hinnrichs that a Greek-style crash would be small beer in comparison with what we would be facing when the Yes vote took effect next March.

David K Allan


East Lothian