Scots owed a debt

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It was gratifying to see so many people lining the streets to mark Armed Forces Day.

Since 1707, Scotland has made a military contribution greatly above her fair share.

One of my progenitors, who served with the 78th Highlanders, was blinded in Egypt fighting the Turks in the early 1800s.

The reward for many of his comrades when they returned from abroad was to be evicted from their homes during the Highland Clearances, resulting in them having to settle overseas.

While Highlanders and Islanders were being cleared, their sons were fighting and dying from the Plains of Abraham to Assaye for the greater glory of the state that was destroying their culture and families.

According to the British authorities, the 1939-45 war was undertaken on behalf of the national independence of the Poles, the Czechs and the Austrians.

Later, the Atlantic Charter added the general aim of restoring self-government to every nation.

Whatever the use to Poland, Czechoslovakia and other countries of the Scots soldiers’ sacrifices in the Second World War, so far Scotland has been cheated of her due.

Donald J MacLeod

Woodcroft Avenue