Scots millstones

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In THE lead-up to the referendum, Scots still have many unanswered questions. The only answered one is why David Cameron agreed to it in the first place – and that was to get rid of 40 Scottish Labour MPs at Westminster to clear his path to power in England.

If Alex Salmond gets his Yes vote, then he will have placed two millstones round Scottish necks: a sterling currency zone and signing us up to membership of the European Union. The former ties us to England, the City of London financial oligarchy and their ramshackle friends on Wall Street, whose country is $17 trillion in debt and becoming more unsteady by the day.

The EU candle is flickering in the winds of change, fanned by unsustainable loans from the International Monetary Fund, and troubled by failure to have its accounts signed off for 18 years. It is a dangerous place for a new bleating lamb such as Scotland, and a dodgy investment all round. Therefore, our First Minister is really offering both frying pan and fire.

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross