Say sorry, move on

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There has been increasing pressure on the Scottish Government to refuse development of onshore wind developments in sensitive areas but many more are still in the planning process.

It seems to me as a believer in independence that the SNP has got itself into a hole on wind energy and consequently has lost the support of many people like myself who live in rural areas where we have to be permanently on guard against 
unwanted industrialisation in our glens and hillsides.

There is a solution, however, and it is simple. The SNP should do what a right-thinking person would do if he found that he had got it wrong – admit it, 
apologise and move on in the right direction.

I and many others would think very highly of politicians who are able to act with humility and who are big enough to admit that they may have got it wrong.

Nicola Sturgeon and her party would do well to give this consideration before the Scottish general elections, otherwise we may find that many Highlands voters, like myself, will place our cross elsewhere.

Peter E Smith

By Beauly