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Ashley Davies (Perspective 24 September) gives amusing, 
informative insights into the wit of the famous art critic Brian Sewell.

It seems ironic in the same week the creators of The Thick of It received great accolades for Veep. Can anyone recall Brian Sewell ever having to rely on a relentless torrent of unrepeatable obscenities?

One wonders what witty put-down he would have for Andrew H Gray’s fulsome eulogising of contemporary satire. (Letters, 23 September)

Does present-day satire in any way measure up to That was the Week that Was?

Perhaps one early 18th-century satirist Alexander Pope would have rendered even the loquacious Brian Sewell speechless.

Arguably, we need to recall Dorothy Parker’s words: “There’s a hell of a difference between wisecracking and wit. Wit has truth in it; wisecracking is 
simply callisthenics with words.”

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk