Same-sex freedom

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The First Minister’s enthusiastic attendance as a witness at Scotland’s first same-sex marriage was well reported.

While there will no doubt be many who will find the occasion morally uncomfortable, few will deny the equality aspect of what was involved.

However, it may be fairly asked why Ms Sturgeon does not extend the same enthusiasm, warmth and respect to those who, since the end of the Second World War, have provided the security and freedom that allows these laws to be made.

The UK’s security services and armed forces – including the vital submarine bases on the Clyde that she wishes to close – have provided the freedom and liberty that Ms Sturgeon and so many others take for granted and have brought this country an unprecedented period of peace and relative prosperity.

Would, for example, Ms Sturgeon and the same-sex couples have been celebrating in 2014 had the UK been overrun by the USSR in the mid-1940s?

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg