Saddle sore

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Recently your Letters page has featured the pros and cons of 
cyclists. May I add one further point to the arguments?

Councils have, under pressure from cycling groups, built many more dedicated cycles paths adjacent to the main roads. These have been expensive and are paid out of local taxes. Many cyclists still insist on using the main roads and ignore the cycle paths.

There is a cycle track all the way between Kirkliston and South Queensferry but recently two cyclists were side-by-side on the main road, causing a long tailback. Similarly, there is new cycle track between Livingston and Bathgate but cyclists were still on the main road.

Is this a deliberate ploy to frustrate motorists or signs of a lack of intelligence? Such behaviour should be subject to a fine but with no number plate to identify them they will continue to break all the rules of the Highway Code.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road