Rusacks plans

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Your report on Macdonald Hotels’ planning permission for the iconic site at Rusacks Hotel in St Andrews (Business, 22 August) gives only the bare outlines.

Permission granted by the Scottish Government Reporter overturned the 12-1 decision by local councillors on Fife’s North-East Planning Committee, reflecting developers’ entitlement to appeal against negative council decisions (unlike objectors, after favourable decisions).

Macdonalds asserts it will be developed “with the utmost sensitivity”. The Reporter concluded it “would not have a harmful impact on the designated landscape of the Old Course” and could “preserve and enhance the character or appearance of the St Andrews conservation area”.

Any sixth floor restaurant/bar there would give great views to the 18th Green and West Sands, but neither assertion appears justified by the artist’s impression of the exterior.

There is no elegance, symmetry or attempt at balance with the building on the hotel’s other side. Its floors and windows do not align with either of the older buildings’.

Its supposedly “local materials” clash with their stonework.

Finally, with insufficient car parking space, “valet parking” means driving clients’ cars through town to and from a site almost two miles away.

John Birkett

Horseleys Park

St Andrews, Fife